Turban / Asiatic Eating Garlic

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Turban and Asiatic Garlic For Eating – Certified Organic:

Not sure what variety to buy?  Try our variety pack and we will put together a good selection of some of our most popular Turban and Asiatic Garlics for planting.


Turban and Asiatic garlic is best know for being hot and spicy, especially when it is raw.  It is also one of the earliest to harvest.

  • All of our garlic is grown organically.
  • These garlic bulbs are typically 1 3/4″ – 2″ and are grown specifically for seed
  • 6-10 Large Cloves per Bulb
  • Approx 38-48 Cloves/lb
  • Hardy, Medium- Large Sized, Hot and Spicy Garlic
  • Storing life varies with each variety

More Information on each Variety of Turban and Asiatic Garlic:

Red Janice Turban
8-9 Large Cloves per Bulb
Very Hot Raw, Sweet & Spicy Baked (with just a bit of heat)
Matures early, Short Storing Garlic

Shantang Purple Turban
6-8 Large Cloves per Bulb
Approx 38-48 Cloves/lb
Hot (especially when eaten raw)
Early Harvest, Stores 6-7 Months

Sonoran Turban
6-10 Fat Cloves per Bulb
Musky Flavor with Hint of Pungency/Hotness, Good for Eating Raw
VERY Early Maturing, Short Storing

Thai Purple Turban
6-8 Cloves per Bulb
38-48 zCloves/lb
Moderate to Strong Heat, Especially When Eaten Raw
Early Harvest, Stores 7-8 Months

Asian Tempest Asiatic
6-8 Cloves per Bulb
Approx 45-50 Cloves/lb
Hardy, Medium-Large Sized, Full Flavored, HOT Garlic
Long Storing Garlic, Late Winter/Early Spring

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