Purple Stripe Garlic for Eating

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Purple Stripe Garlic for Eating – Certified Organic:

Not sure what variety to buy?  Try our variety pack and we will put together a good selection of some of our most popular Purple Stripe Garlics for eating.

You can make some delicious baked dishes with this hardneck garlic variety. With unique bright purple streaks on their thin skins, the Purple Stripes come in a number of varieties. Named after its intense purple stripes and spots on clove sheath and bulb covers the Purple Stripes look incredibly appealing. Due to an outstanding flavor, this garlic variety generally wins the ‘best baked garlic’ taste tests carried out by Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine, and Rodale etc.

As majority of the Purple Stripe strains develop 8 to 12, tall and arc shaped cloves on each bulb (higher than Rocambole), the clove size is somewhat smaller. However, they have loose skin that can be easily peeled, just like the Rocambole. Although they have a tad longer shelf life than the Rocambole, their skin is quite similar to the Rocambole – loose and peels off easily. The Purple Stripes store well for around six months.

  • All of our garlic is grown organically.
  • These garlic bulbs are typically 1 3/4″ – 2″ and are grown specifically for seed
  • Cloves per bulb varies (See below)
  • Great roasted, flavorful crescent shaped cloves that are easy to peel
  • Medium- Large Sized, Mild Garlic
  • Long storing life

More Information on each Variety of Purple Stripe Garlics:

Russian Giant Marble Purple Stripe
4-6 Cloves per Bulb
Approx 40-60 Cloves/lb
Easy to Grow, Hardy, Large Sized, Mild Flavored Garlic
Longer Storing Garlic, Late Winter/Early Spring

Persian Star Purple Stripe
9-10 Large, Medium Cloves per Bulb
Approx 70-80 Cloves/lb
Hardy, Medium-Large Sized, Easy to Peel Large Cloves
Mild, Spicy Zing Taste (sweet when roasted or sauteed)
Long Storing Garlic, Late Winter/Early Spring

Chesnok Red Purple Stripe
9-10 Large-Medium Cloves per Bulb
Approx 70-80 Cloves/lb
Hardy, Large Sized, Easy to Peel Large Cloves
Full Flavored, Heirloom Garlic, Great for Roasting and Sauteing


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