About Us

We run an agricultural venture located in the fertile soil of South Central Wisconsin. We offer many varieties of grown, gourmet garlic that is available for planting or eating.  Let our family provide you with garlic tended by hand, one clove at a time, on land that is free of any chemicals from seed to harvest to storage. 

The Greenbergs

We are covering the garlic in the fall with leaves.

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Meet the Greenbergs, Troy and Rhonda and seven kids, 4 of which are still at home ranging in age from sixteen to twenty    (we have twins that are sixteen if you are doing the math).

We have a long history of farming which goes back to at least 1908 when the Greenberg Farm was established, and I am proud to say it is still thriving today. Along with the garlic we have a garden and raise our own beef and pork.

In addition to our garlic business we have owned and operated a cabinet shop since 1985. The shop has built everything from high end kitchen cabinets to store displays to commercial casework for clinics and hospitals.

The Greenberg kids are a crazy bunch that are schooled at home. They are involved with many sports teams including volleyball, and basketball. They are also involved in the day to day activities of the garlic business as part of their schooling. If you call the business number you may get a chance to talk to one of them.