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We Are Seed Garlic Suppliers That Actually Grow Garlic Seeds For You!

Welcome to where we grow the naturally grown garlic seeds we sell, we are not a reseller. Our farm is located in beautiful Southern Wisconsin where we grow seed garlic for gardeners and farmers, and we provide flavorful naturally grown garlic to connoisseurs and chefs who appreciate fresh, healthy garlic with outstanding flavor.  We invite you to take a look and if you have questions we are always happy to help.

How To Buy Garlic Seeds:

Simply click the button below to go to our store and buy online. Not sure what garlic you want to grow? There are a couple of options, try our variety packs or simply give us a call and we will help you.  Click the buttons below to get started.

Fresh Seasonal Garlic Scapes 

Ships around June or July

If you are looking for Fresh Garlic Scapes They are only available for a short season of 3-4 weeks between June and July(depending on spring weather).  Once you get them they will stay fresh in your refrigerator for about 3 weeks.  Scapes can be frozen to so you can enjoy them year round. 

Don’t delay the days are numbered to get your Fresh Garlic Scapes, and we will sell out. Scapes will be sent when they are ready.

organic hardneck garlic seed

 Hardneck Garlic Seeds 

We only grow hardneck garlic seeds.  The difference between softneck and hardneck garlic is hardneck garlic produces a stem that flowers which grows through the center of the bulb, this is called a garlic scape.  The scape is usually picked in mid June and can be eaten several different ways such as in a pesto or put on a grill like asparagus. Hardneck garlic seeds grow cloves of garlic that are full flavored, something you are not going to find in most store bought garlic.

Meet The Greenbergs

We have a small family run naturally grown garlic seeds growing venture located in the fertile soil of South Central Wisconsin. We offer 20+ varieties of organically grown, gourmet garlic that is available for planting or eating.

How to grow garlic

How To Grow Garlic

You do not need to be an expert gardener to grow garlic. It is quite easy to grow good quality garlic if you plant good garlic seeds and follow certain easy steps. This guide will show you how we have grown garlic and how you can grow it successfully also. Simply click the image and read it or print it for reading later.